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have sex when you're on your days

5 reasons to have sex when you’re on your days

Having sex on your period is not an option for you? We explain why you should reconsider this setting and what else you’re missing out on

A lot in life doesn’t really fit together. Often, for example, you get your days, and right now you really feel like having sex – and sex on your period doesn’t work at all. Or? Many find that “kind of disgusting”

But is that really that bad? Nonsense! We dispel all prejudices and explain why you should give sex a chance during your period.

Why is sex taboo on your period?

“Have the strawberry week”, “have the red aunt over there” – there are a thousand code words for the rule. This alone shows that the female period – and therefore sex during it, of course – is still a taboo topic and women (and men) are reluctant to address it. This is based on prejudices from ancient times that still exist today.

In some cultures women who have their periods are even considered “unclean”, and here too the subject is often filled with shame. According to the Hygiene Matters Report from the cellulose manufacturer SCA LINK, just one in five women in Britain has ever spoken to her partner about her period. Sex is then not an issue at all. Let’s change that!

5 reasons to have sex during menstruation

It is one thing when someone cannot or does not like to see blood. It is another thing to forego the most beautiful thing in the world just because of prejudice and misconception. Enough with that, here are 5 reasons why you should have sex on your period:

1. Having sex on your period is not a blood bath

That’s nonsense! Splashing blood is only found in horror films or in unrealistic porn. Women do not lose gallons of blood during their period, but only around half a cup on average – and it does not run out completely at the exact moment of sexual intercourse. So nothing with hemorrhage.

Mixed with semen, the mixture can of course leave stains on sheets and marks in the genital area. So if you’re into clinically clean sex (or him), you’d better leave the bloody act of love. If you love it realistically and passionately – give it all a chance!

2. You feel more interested in sex during menstruation

Of course, it is not uncommon for you to suffer from headaches, nausea and mood swings during your period – the desire for sex is then limited.

But on some days you really feel like having sex! This pleasure usually begins on the second day of the rule. The sex hormones estrogen and testosterone, which reach their minimum in the blood on the first day, then rise rapidly and promote libido.

3. You better orgasm

The vagina is extremely well supplied with blood during menstruation. Because it makes you more sensitive and arouses faster through touch, you also reach the climax better.

4. You don’t need lube

Okay, that sounds nasty at first, but it is like this: Blood is the most natural lubricant in the world. So you can safely save yourself the lubricant – provided you are in the middle of your period, because in the last few days you have hardly lost any blood.

5. Sex works better than any medicine

When women are tormented by menstrual symptoms, sex can be the solution. Sex is relaxing and can even help relieve headaches and cramps. Reason: During orgasm, happiness hormones are released, which can at least temporarily alleviate the symptoms.

Can I get pregnant if I have sex during menstruation?

That’s fine! The chance of ovulating during your period is relatively low, but it cannot be ruled out. Women with irregular menstrual cycles, in particular, can become pregnant during menstruation unless they use hormonal contraception.

Also, keep in mind that sperm cells can survive in a woman’s genital tract for 5 to 7 days. If you use the pill or a hormonal IUD for contraception, the protection against unwanted pregnancy is high even after men’s sex.

Can I get sexually transmitted diseases during my period?

Unfortunately, yes – as a woman, the risk of infection is even higher. During your period, the cervix is ​​a little wider than usual. This makes you more susceptible to STDs.

But: In a partnership, the partners usually know about any sexually transmitted diseases of the partner and use prevention accordingly.

What should I watch out for when having sex during menstruation?

Were we able to convince you with our arguments? Then you should only pay attention to the following points in order to be perfectly prepared:

  • Talk to your partner! Before you get down to business, you should of course have spoken to your partner about the topic. Communication is the be-all and end-all of any relationship – especially with such supposedly sensitive topics. Just speak to him honestly: tell him that you want to know what he should pay attention to and ask him if he could also imagine it.
  • Showering together: If you have otherwise skipped sex during your period, taking a shower together before making love can help both partners feel more comfortable. If you like, you can stay under the hot water jet for sex.
  • Don’t be afraid of stains! With the previous shower you did a lot to keep the sheets clean. To make sure that the fresh bed linen doesn’t have to be put back in the machine straight away after sex, it is advisable to put a dark towel underneath.
  • Tampon out! Using a regular tampon during intercourse is not a good idea – the pull-back cord can disappear into the vagina. If you still don’t want to do without it, there are special soft tampons: These menstrual sponges can simply be removed from the vagina without a ribbon. However, some men feel the sponges during sex. It is therefore advisable to use lubricant as well.
  • The best positions: Of course, you can take any position during sex during your period. However, the spoon and missionary positions are primarily suitable because your genitals, which are well supplied with blood, are stimulated particularly intensively. Petting is a great option for anyone who doesn’t want to have sex with penetration during their period but still wants to enjoy being with their partner.

Be honest with your partner about the topic and explain why having sex on your period is great. After all, you are then more excitable, have an easier orgasm and the released happiness hormones work wonders against headaches and mood swings.

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