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Impostor Syndrome: Constantly afraid that you can’t do anything?

Does the thought often torment you: “I can’t really do anything”? Not correct! This helps when you are unjustly constantly suffering from self-doubt. Do you sometimes feel like a cheat in your ...

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Learn Meditation

Learn Meditation: In 7 Easy Steps (Beginners Guide)

Do you want to learn the art of meditation? Then you are exactly right here. Meditating is easy and has many positive effects on your mind and body: You become ...

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mental exhaustion

7 signals of mental exhaustion

Do you feel completely exhausted? By which characteristics you can tell whether you are heading towards burnout and what really helps now. What do you do if you catch a bad ...

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What helps anesis psychological stress?

Heavy loads in the dark season “The second wave of the corona pandemic will lead to a long and difficult period of adjustment for all people,” expects the President of the Federal ...

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Home Gym: Training at home is so easy and effective

Closed gyms, the cold, little time – all these excuses for skipping the workout no longer apply. Because now you train at home. That’s how it’s done The gym is closed. Actually, you ...

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The best exercises for strong shoulders

No more pain and bad posture – there is hardly a game that looks so good and is at the same time as prone to injury as the shoulder. With these ...

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The best crack butt exercise: This is how hip lifting works

Do you dream of a round, firm butt? Then into your sportswear, because with Hip Thrusts you can train yourself to have a crisp rear view What do Pamela Reif, Jennifer ...

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The most effective exercises for bad posture

Head up, chest out! Because every bad posture causes pain and makes you weaker. With our exercises we coach you to achieve a straight and upright posture You are crooked, we can ...

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