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The best crack butt exercise: This is how hip lifting works

Do you dream of a round, firm butt? Then into your sportswear, because with Hip Thrusts you can train yourself to have a crisp rear view What do Pamela Reif, Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian have in common? They all inspire with their impressive downsides. No wonder that the hype around the buttocks has gripped women around the globe. While one ...

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How to breathe properly in every sport

Breathe in, breathe out – easy, right? Not correct! But with our tips you will find the right breathing technique and improve your training performance. You breathe in, you breathe out. You probably don’t care much about it because it happens automatically. But what you are doing unconsciously is extremely important. Incorrect breathing during exercise can affect your performance. The vital capacity, the maximum lung ...

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What a blood test can tell you about your health

blood count

Here you can find out which blood tests are available, when they are useful and how a blood count helps you lose weight In many cases, when something is missing or not doing well, your body signals it very obviously. If there is a mineral deficiency, for example, the skin changes. If you keep turning night into day and popping the corks, ...

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Not just because of Corona: 5 reasons to train outside

Get out! Outdoor fitness is healthy, effective and a lot of fun. With these outdoor exercises you will get really fit and do something for your immune system. Winter is traditionally the sofa and couch potato season. Even and especially when doing sports, you prefer to stay in the covered and heated area. Who doesn’t prefer to train indoors than jog in the cold ...

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Measuring and treating: The 5 best tips for fever

Fever is a pretty clever protective mechanism for your immune system. We explain here when you should take action against it and how. You’re hot and cold, your body feels like a huge heavy blanket is numbing everything, and a hand on your forehead confirms it: Hot! You probably have a fever. Important: In the Corona times you should take ...

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This is how you effectively protect yourself against the coronavirus

The corona virus has now also reached Germany. These tips will really protect you and others from contracting the dangerous lung disease. Plus: what you can do in case of suspicion Christine Naefeke The coronavirus, scientifically called SARS-CoV-2, has been spreading from China since December and also has Germany firmly under control. The fear of being infected with the dangerous virus that causes ...

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This is what your nails tell you about your health

Fungal infection or suspected lung disease? Look carefully at your fingernails. These deformations and discolorations can indicate illness. The eyes are the gateway to the soul, while the fingernails are a mirror of our health. But do you really have to drink more milk if you have white spots on your nails, because that’s supposed to be a sign of calcium deficiency? And are ...

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This will reduce your risk of developing diabetes

reduce your risk of developing diabetes

The number 1 widespread disease is life-threatening: diabetes strikes without any warning and even threatens slim people. This is how you defend yourself. Homemade biscuits, Printen, gingerbread, dominoes … Hmmm, especially in the Christmas season, there are lots of sugary delicacies again. Many of us gain weight over the holidays. That would be okay in terms of health if we then slowly lose ...

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Stop smoking: finally quit smoking!

Stop smoking

Many would like to quit smoking. Just how do you do it We asked experts which method is most effective You’ve been thinking about quitting smoking for a long time, but somehow it never works? You are not alone there. According to the Deutsches Ärzteblatt, 28 percent of smokers have tried at least once to get rid of their vice. However, 73 percent of ...

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12 tips to help you fall asleep better right away

Finally fall asleep well, sleep deeply, wake up relaxed: these 12 tips make it possible. And yes, an orgasm in the evening is one of them You toss and turn in bed, stare at the ceiling and keep looking at the clock to calculate how much time you have left before the alarm goes off. Switch off the thought carousel? No ...

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