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Sport with a baby: How to get fit again after giving birth

The baby is here and you want exercise? Unfortunately, there is little time for sport between changing diapers and breastfeeding. How to get fit again! The joy of a successful birth and a healthy baby is enormous. But at some point in most mothers a new feeling mixes with joy (no, we don’t mean this paralyzing tiredness), a mixture of longing for movement ...

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How your caesarean scar will heal more gently

A caesarean section literally has drastic consequences. We answer all questions and tell you how to best take care of your scar. Let’s not kid ourselves: Nobody likes to have their stomach cut open voluntarily. Most pregnant women do not intend to have their babies by caesarean section. But more and more are opting for it: According to the Federal Statistical Office, ...

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Closing the Racial Gap in Breastfeeding

More Black mothers are choosing to breastfeed and changing the narrative around breastfeeding in the Black community. Like nearly every new mother, Sanpri Purdy-Porter was exhausted after giving birth. Breastfeeding while recovering from a Cesarean section was difficult, and the North Carolina physical therapist didn’t get the help she needed to nurse successfully. “With my first child I definitely lacked ...

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5 signs that a premature end of pregnancy is imminent

A possible miscarriage scares many women. You can read here what the causes are, what follows medically after the abortion and how quickly you can get pregnant again afterwards. Duchess Meghan found touching words in the New York Times for the experience that many women can hardly describe: “Losing a child means almost unbearable grief.” She had suffered a miscarriage in ...

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The 7 best hormone-free birth control methods

Is it possible without the pill? Sure, of course! These 7 methods of contraception work without hormones. That’s how they work, that’s how safe they are. The pill is usually a reliable contraceptive, no question about it. Its introduction in the 1960s was hailed as a milestone in the history of women’s self-determination. But the pill has many downsides. Quite a few women also feel ...

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Tips on name your baby

name baby

Tips on Baby Names – Soon after pregnancy, the next step besides proper care, is to decide the name of your baby. We have a few tips which will help you name your baby right. Soon after pregnancy, the next step besides proper care is to decide upon the names for the baby. We’d like to share some ideas and ...

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6 Tips Precautions To Protect Your Children From The Smog

Protect Your Children From The Smog

Shares Some Tips To Keep Your Little Ones Away From Smog Woes. Today, the nation has been grappling with the pandemic’s ongoing battle, an ailment that does impair a person’s respiratory functioning. While finding ways to safeguard society’s immunocompromised and vulnerable members from falling trap to the virus, we have side-lined the hazardous impacts of smog woes on those susceptible. ...

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