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Feel it – Body scan guided meditation

Our guided Bodyscan meditation is a little check-in with yourself, which helps you to connect with your body and to listen deeply to your inner being

What is a bodyscan meditation?

The Bodyscan is part of the MBSR (mindfulness based stress reduction), a method for targeted stress reduction through mindfulness exercises and a nice way to expand pure breathing meditation. Great for athletes and everyone who values ​​a healthy body and mind. It is also an important part of Vipassana meditation.

What does the bodyscan do?

Numerous studies prove the positive effects that regular meditation has on the body and mind. In particular, the results of studies on the relief of anxiety and chronic pain demonstrate the great influence that our mind has on our body. Brain scans show: mentally scanning the whole body with full attention trains the inner perception intensively, also on a psychological level. Because we can only actively perceive our emotions through physical changes such as a faster heartbeat, a lump in the throat or a queasy feeling in the stomach.

What to expect in our body scan

Of course, the body scan is an effective exercise for relaxing. But the method is about more than that: Feeling your own body and perceiving how it presents emotions to the outside world enables judgmental observation. By concentrating intensively on all parts of the body one after the other, from the toes to the scalp, you improve your body awareness and find your inner center.

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