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These are the best flirting lines for men

The perfect pick-up is funny, charming and smart. We reveal successful strategies and the best flirting lines for every type of woman. You won’t need another flirt guide anymore!

When is the best time for pick-up and flirting sayings?

Just now! Because a really good pick-up works at any time of the year or day. Nevertheless, tendencies can be recognized when we meet with love like a flirtation. In funny situations, such as during the carnival or at the folk festival, a flirtation is not unexpected. So there you have to be less embarrassed if you get a basket. In return, the chances of standing out from the competition are less good in the party mood. After all, the art of successful pick-up is to surprise the lady with your line. If everyone else is not stingy with flirtation attempts, it looks bad with success. However, if there is no competitor in sight and the lady does not expect a pick-up, the chances are good for you.

Do spring flirting slogans work best?

It’s not just a rumor that emotions and hormones bubble when flowers sprout and birds chirp outside. A Men’s Health survey of 1,500 people actually found that 80 percent of all guys feel springy. More than half of them confirm that they prefer to enjoy themselves in the flirt carousel in the first third of the year. Incidentally, this also applies to the women. As soon as the winter coat is exchanged for the summer jacket, they are ripe for compliments.

And what about the flirting mood in summer and winter?

According to the survey, you are even more successful in summer. In their favorite season, almost half of all men fall in love flirting – no wonder: the sun boosts the happiness hormones, the evenings get longer. In winter, on the other hand, only just under 20 percent fall in love, but it is easier to get up close and personal in the cuddly months.

Don’t worry about the basket: you can only win with a good flirt saying

As do I get rid of the fear of a basket?

Admittedly, it is not always easy to step over one’s shadow and speak to a woman. There are situations in which a girl sits across from you smiling, but you are frozen and can’t get a word out. Many men shy away from taking the first step for fear of getting a basket. Horror scenarios play out in the heads of how the woman could let you down. But even the most successful flirt professionals are secretly afraid of being rejected. You still dare. How so? Because the uncertainty is the kick. We’ll show you the tricks flirting professionals use to get the fear of the basket under control.

How do you react to pick-up lines?

A negative idea of ​​what can happen in the worst case could actually come true when you contact us. Psychologists call this: the self-fulfilling prophecy. If the lady unexpectedly takes the first step, an anxious man gets stomach pains, sweats, stutters and flees – although he should be happy to be contacted.

How to overcome fear

There is only one way to avoid this fear. You have to face it. Sure, the woman could ignore you or reject you. But the opposite could also happen. Maybe a conversation will develop. Ask yourself: what’s the worst case scenario if I get a rebuff? Would that kill me? Isn’t it a chance to try yourself out? We can promise you one thing: a woman always feels brave when a man dares to speak to a woman. Wouldn’t it be much worse to miss a nice acquaintance if you don’t address the lady? So you can only win – if only in experience. If you still have jitters before the evacuation, it is worth paying attention to the flirtation signals of the other person. How to align your flirt signal antennas.

To recognize a person’s willingness to flirt, body language is crucial

How to interpretMen the secret  flirt signals  of women right?

Flirtation signals are very subtle. As a result, it’s hard to tell if a woman is just trying to be kind or ready for funny sayings. The US researcher Jeffrey Hall of the  University of Kansas  found in a study of the flirting behavior that only 36 percent of all guys recognize when they are being flirted with. For women it is only 18 percent.

These are the 4 secret gestures of a woman

To recognize a person’s willingness to flirt, body language is crucial. Gestures, facial expressions and posture send messages about whether a woman is in the mood for a flirt. Your own movements also provide information about your intentions and interests. In order to initiate a flirtation, you also have to pay attention to what you are sending yourself. Using the following 4 yesterday, you can identify interest or disinterest.

  1. Eye Contact
    It is the easiest way to signal interest. If the lady looks at her several times, the chances are good that she will come into contact with her. Glances are also important during the conversation: if they maintain direct eye contact, they signal interest and self-confidence. If you avoid your eyes or if the environment looks for a way out, it indicates disinterest and insecurity.
  2. Movements of the hands and arms
    An open arm movement shows that your flame is comfortable. If the arms are crossed in front of the body, this indicates a desire for distance and disinterest. The same applies to the hands: an open hand position shows more interest, hiding signals disinterest. So-called autoerotic movements show sympathy for the interlocutor. Means: The lady caresses her arm or leg or plays with her hair when she talks to you or looks at you.
  3. The Position of the Legs
    Look down. If she crosses her legs, you should pay attention to the direction in which the legs are facing. If you point your knees towards you, she is interested. If she turns her legs away, she is more likely to be bored and want to create a symbolic barrier. If the lady puts her body weight away from you, she symbolically retreats – pick-up lines also help more.
  4. The voice
    A person’s voice and manner of speaking largely determine whether we find someone sympathetic or not. A study by the  University of Aerdeen in Scotland  found that once they find a man interesting, ladies raise their pitch a bit. By the way, men automatically speak in a lower pitch to appear more masculine. A fast or indistinct way of speaking seems unappealing.

The first step: How do I initiate the flirtation?

Okay, now you can read the female body language a little better. This has significantly reduced the chances of being rejected. But that was only theory, now it’s time to practice. With the following 10 flirting lessons you start the successful flirtation.

  1. Don’t play the unapproachable
    Has anyone told you that aloofness is attractive? May be true – for pop stars and politicians. Women are more interested in the open and interested man than in the cool soloist.
  2. Adjust your signal system
    Pay attention to signals that they send out. Important pointers: no aggressive poses – for example, put your hips out and put your hand on your waist or sit with your legs apart.
  3. Mark the field of play
    It’s not just about how you stand, it’s also about what is around you. Are you sitting behind a wide table? That can act like a barrier. Ideally, there is nothing between you and the woman. Even a drink in hand can stand between you – put it away.
  4. Let
    your gaze wander Wait for the woman to let her gaze wander around the room. The moment when your eyes cross is decisive. Does she look away a little too quickly at that first eye contact? Then it clicked! Other signs: She is playing around with her jewelry or taking a deep breath. But: A look is by no means an invitation. Maybe she’s just scanning the room for someone she knows.
  5. Exercise patience
    If the woman is interested, she will look at you more often – and let you catch her too. If she is shy, she will only look briefly, but not turn away completely.
  6. Mirror the lady
    Once you have made initial contact, you signal your sympathy by subtly mirroring her. Is it rather calm? Then do it too. Is it lively? Then don’t sit there rigid and silent either.
  7. Do not
    pretend After making eye contact, you should not make any significant corrections to your appearance. For example, unbutton your shirt collar, straighten your hair or shake your waistband. Such signals can lead girls to reflexively switch to defense mode.
  8. Recognize the start signal
    If the lady gives you a friendly face for frequent eye contact, this is the sign that she is ready to make contact.

The second step: how do I address a woman?

Congratulations, you’re halfway to the phone number of your loved one. In the next level you get closer. This is how the advance succeeds.

Start the offensive

You can of course sit in different corners of the room for the rest of the evening and look at yourself. It’s fun, but doesn’t get you closer to the lady either. Take it easy, you have nothing to lose. If the lady isn’t going on the offensive before you, you should approach her now. Thanks to the intensive eye contact, you already have the feeling that you know something.

Use clear words

When standing in front of the woman, ideally do not say nonsense, but something that shows your interest. Challenge them to praise something about themselves. For example, if you’re in a club, you might ask how she likes the music or if you’re there with friends.

Stay relaxed

Control how you come across. Don’t apply too thick. Stand or sit in what is known as the honesty pose. How does it work? When sitting, keep your ankles as close together as possible, but your knees an cubit length apart. While standing, place your feet shoulder-width apart, with the tips of your feet pointing slightly outwards. This attitude signals openness and honesty.

Position yourself lower than them

If it’s somehow feasible, position yourself lower than them. In other words, if the woman is on a step, stand a step below you. When the lady is seated, crouch in front of her. This gives the woman the feeling of having the conversation – and you – under control.

Look for togetherness

To excite a woman, you have to make an impression on her friend too. But at some point you want to finally have your loved one all to yourself. Try to charm the new flame from your friend. If the lady is also interested in you, she will be happy to be kidnapped.

Women love humor: You can make them laugh with a good flirting quote

Tested: Which funny pick-up lines are popular?

Flirting slogans are the best icebreaker when you want to address a woman on the street, at the bar or at university, but have no real point of contact. In other words: You don’t know each other through acquaintances or friends. The following flirting sayings are especially popular with women who like humorous and ironic men. They need thicker fur than just saying hello. On the other hand, the probability is higher that the lady thinks you are a creative and funny guy. Incidentally, for women, humor is one of the most important qualities in a man. We have tested the following funny pick-up lines for you in the wild.

  1. Today was a really bad day. But no matter, now you are here!
  2. Hey, are you thinking about the last episode of this series? What’s her name again?
  3. Do you come here often? No? Neither do I. Do we want to team up?
  4. What are we actually doing here ?
  5. Can you lend me a pen so I can write down your number?
  6. Do you like this song? Don’t worry, I’m not saying I wrote it for you.
  7. Can I buy you a drink that matches your dress in color?
  8. I have amnesia. Will you tell me your name Maybe I will remember mine again.
  9. Tell me, are you going to that star hairdresser? Your hair is really exclusive.
  10. Hey, if you get hungry later, just let me know and I’ll cook you something.
  11. I knew we would meet today. That’s why I was so excited that I couldn’t think of what to say.
  12. The gas station next door is still open. Do we want to move on?
  13. Sorry, my white horse has measles, my red cloak is with the tailor, my crown with the pawnbroker. Can I get to know you anyway?
  14. If I run after you all the way home, will you keep me?
  15. Hi, I lost a bet. Would you pretend to give me your number?
  16. Do I know you from advertising?
  17. Do you believe in love at first sight – or should I come in again?
  18. Is spring already or is it you who smells so fragrant here?
  19. You remind me of the young Grace Kelly.
  20. I would be honored to carry you home tonight.
  21. Do you play the piano? How so? Oh, I just thought: You have such delicate fingers.
  22. I would like to get to know you. Just stupid: With you next to me, I would miss the film in the cinema, the art in the museum, the animals in the zoo.
  23. I’ll have a party for you tomorrow. Do you come too?
  24. If you had a choice between breakfast with a funny guy in Paris or breakfast at home alone, how long would you have to think?
  25. For dreaming of you all my life, you now seem pretty normal.
  26. Even if you won’t talk to me and forget about me right away: I will think of you for the rest of my life. You owe me at least a grin for that, don’t you think?
  27. Here you have my cell phone. Call all of your friends with it and tell them that you finally found me.
  28. I’ve been thinking for a long time how to tell you. I just do not know. I guess I should keep it to myself.
  29. Sorry, it must be: Your father must be a thief because he stole the stars from the sky and put them in your eyes.
  30. Wouldn’t we both look lovely as marzipan figures on a wedding cake?
  31. How do you feel when you are the most beautiful woman in the universe?
  32. Hello do i not know you Exactly, you’re the girl with the beautiful laugh.
  33. Would you show me the way Where? To your heart!
  34. I am absolutely not the right one for you. (paradoxical psychology)
  35. Do you want to see my villa? We can go there in my Ferrari.
  36. The best thing to do is to say nothing now. Because if your voice is as beautiful as your face, I’ll pass out.
  37. What? No, I don’t stare at you – I enjoy the beautiful view. Okay, yes: I watch with good reason.
  38. I hope you know something about artificial respiration – because you take my breath away!
  39. Hello girl of my dreams – nice to see you again!
  40. Was your father an alien? There really isn’t anything like you on earth.
  41. I think I have to call on God and tell him he lacks an angel.
  42. Please pinch me! I think I am dreaming.
  43. Look, I can dance like John Travolta.
  44. I am Tarzan. Wanna be my jane
  45. I know I’m making a monkey out of myself. Do you like animals?

TV pick-up lines: does it really work?

Flirting always looks so easy in the movie. Are you wondering whether the pick-up lines from TV series can also work in reality? Our little sitcom check with a female flirt coach tells you how to get quota with the girls.

TV series: “New Girl”:  Figir Schmidt is a likeable womanizer with a hard body. His constant posing annoys everyone, but everyone admits that his body is impressive. When model Cece visits, he tries to impress her by exercising torso.
Does it work? 
Schmidt is a vain poser, of course. But he also shows openly what he has and uses his body. “He sweats to impress her – a great compliment for the woman,” says communication trainer and flirt coach Julia Mattes from Berlin. But do not fall into constant workouts and permanent poses, because only a few women are into it. Better: ask the woman if she doesn’t like to join the training.

TV series: “Two And A Half Men”:  Charmer Charlie says he knows how a man talks to women. If someone complains about her suffering, he shows understanding, although he is not listening. Standard contribution to the conversation: “I understand!” Of course, that’s mostly a lie.
Does it work?  Charlie’s scam works in real life too. Explanation: “Guys want a solution to their problem, women want to cry and be understood,” says the expert. And Charlie shows that with his always the same sentence. But: It shouldn’t appear monotonous! Better yet, actually listen to the person you love. 

TV series: “The Big Bang Theory”:  Nerd Howard tries the analytical tour with the ladies. If he sits across from a woman, he reflects her posture and movements: if she puts her right arm on the back of the chair, he does it with his left.
Does it work?  “Delayed mirroring of the leg position or adjusting the pace of the conversation work,” explains Mattes. The theory of neurolinguistic programming states that such a reflection can create a positive atmosphere. But don’t ape! “And also pay attention to  what  she says, not just  how  she says something.”

TV series: “How I Met Your Mother”:  According to Barney, a poorly successful date can be saved by undressing as soon as the woman leaves the room – at the sight of the bare facts, supposedly 2 out of 3 Ladies but weak. Does
that work? It depends on the type of your appearance. “It takes a lot of courage, and courage is sexy,” says Mattes. “However, it has to look authentic and the man should feel good naked – otherwise it will it’s embarrassing. “If your date screams: sorry and bye!

TV series: “Friends”:  Joey basically refrains from clumsily turning on. He always addresses the ladies with a simple but serious “Well, how are you doing”.
Top or flop?  Bingo! “Women prefer to hear an honest hello rather than a fake saying,” says Mattes. Note: Often times, it’s simple things that work.

Every woman is different: not every saying fits every woman

Colleague or neighbor: How do I address a specific woman?

Every situation and every woman demands an individual strategy and the right flirtation. We have tailor-made tactics for you, including sayings.

How do I address a stranger?

The case:  every morning you see the same great woman on the bus. But she just doesn’t see you.
The solution:  Take it step by step:
Day 1: Sit down so that eye contact is possible. She looks back? Smile!
Day 2: Kind regards.
Day 3: Greetings more friendly.
Day 4: “There you are again!”
Day 5: Engage them in a conversation, such as the weather. If she doesn’t avoid it, you chat: “Is it a coincidence that we keep meeting each other? How about we get to the bottom of it over a coffee.”
So please don’t:  you can’t wait, run after her, take her off guard.

How do I address the colleague?

The case:  you think your colleague is pretty hot, you have the impression that it is crackling? Danger: If it goes wrong, it will be embarrassing – every day.
The solution:  “Your workplace is no place for a clumsy pick-up”, says the Hamburg flirt expert and book author Nina Deißler . Ask without obligation if she will have lunch with you. This is not a date, but it is a first step. This can help you find out if she has a boyfriend. There is no? Be surprised – this is what women translate as: “I think you are good.” Only when she responds that you suggest a date.
So please don’t:  They’ll dig at you drunk at the next company party.

How do I address my best friend?

The case:  You have known each other forever and suddenly discover new feelings for one another that can endanger your friendship.
The solution:  don’t rush anything. “Try to do more than usual together,” said Deißler. You can find out how their feelings are doing. Ask if she likes being single. If she is dissatisfied, that is a clear signal. If she says she just won’t meet a great guy (someone like you), everything will be clear anyway.
So please don’t:  “Of course, good friends can have sex with each other.”

How do I address the neighbor?

The case:  Wow, the new neighbor is awesome. The brief encounter in the stairwell is only enough for a “Hello, how …”.            The solution:  help coincidence. Borrow salt or flour – and say you cook to yourself. This has 3 advantages: 1. She thinks: He can cook. 2. She learns: The guy is single. Not working? Then intercept the parcel carrier until he has something for the neighbor that you kindly accept. If she picks it up, there is a chance to invite her for a cup of coffee. So please don’t:  You ring the bell and say: “I have eggs myself, but a condom would be great.” 

Which pick-up lines work on Tinder, Lovoo or online dating?

Tying has never been easier than today. Flirt portals and dating apps are great for getting started and getting started. But be careful: Not every flirtation line works the same way online as it does on the street.

Hanging on and flirting on online dating portals

Flirtatious people and people looking for great love or a quick adventure cavort here. Creative pick-up techniques are not as rare on the Internet as they are in reality. After all, a prospect has to stand out from the countless competitors and try to get an answer from the Queen of Hearts. If you stick to the tips below, you will increase your chances of success and avoid falling on your nose.

7 tips for a successful online flirt

These are the things you should watch out for in order not to fall on your face when doing online sex:

  1. Size:  National exchanges with fewer than 100,000 members hardly have a choice. Warning: the number of participants often only seems to skyrocket. Check how the website handles card index corpses. Serious providers delete them after 3 or 6 months, but some only after 12 months or never. Another bad sign: the membership numbers are not given.
  2. Freshness factor:  A good indication that the website is up-to-date is when you can see when other members were last active.
  3. Self-protection:  Read the general terms and conditions (AGB): What can you do with your personal data? If you’re not careful, you will quickly get more spam than emails from interested ladies.
  4. Assistance:  See if there is a support hotline. If not: hands off! This service must be included, especially with paid offers.
  5. Finding a verdict:  Compare the terms and conditions, price and performance of the providers.
  6. Termination:  Membership is automatically renewed on most portals. Pay attention to when you have to quit if the dream woman has bitten.

Pick-up killers: The 10 worst pick-up lines in the world

Of course, there are also pick-up sayings with which you are no longer funny, but shoot totally below the belt. If you hear a man say any of these sentences to a pretty lady, please intervene immediately and save her with your charm.

  1. Here you have a euro; call your mother and tell her that you won’t be home today.
  2. You are at least as pretty as my ex-girlfriend!
  3. You turn my software into hardware!
  4. Do you fancy a protein shock?
  5. I’m the grand prize tonight.
  6. Your dress would look great on my bedroom floor.
  7. Let’s go to me and do all the things that I’ll tell everyone we did.
  8. You have to be a light switch – every time I see you you turn me on!
  9. So alone here? Don’t you like to invite me for a beer – it’s worth it.
  10. Call me, I’m in the phone book under “H” for “stallion”.

Conclusion: A really good pick-up almost always works

Flirting is an icebreaker to get in contact with a woman. In other words: Pick-up lines are especially popular with women who like humorous men. But: A really good pick-up almost always works. After all, the trick is to surprise the lady with your saying. And: Anyone who has creative technology to hand for the flirtation will be very popular with women who like to experiment. So: So start flirting: smile at her and look at her briefly and off you go. Rely on how you feel about when and how you address them, everything else just seems artificial.

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