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Protect Your Children From The Smog

6 Tips Precautions To Protect Your Children From The Smog

Shares Some Tips To Keep Your Little Ones Away From Smog Woes.

Today, the nation has been grappling with the pandemic’s ongoing battle, an ailment that does impair a person’s respiratory functioning. While finding ways to safeguard society’s immunocompromised and vulnerable members from falling trap to the virus, we have side-lined the hazardous impacts of smog woes on those susceptible. Between October and January, pollution levels soar in most Indian cities with some areas being severely affected by the air quality crossing unsafe levels. Various researches have confirmed that smog’s effects have been more seeming among children, the elderly, and people with pre-existing respiratory issues. Hence alongside safeguarding your baby against the virus, parents must take utmost care to protect their child during the elevated of smog and pollution.

Dr Atish Laddad, Founder & Director at Docterz shares precautions that need to be taken to protect children from the smog.

  • Use of Humidifiers at house: Dry and polluted air is the main culprit of numerous health issues in young ones, from nasal infection to sore throat and allergies. Having a humidifier at home facilitates creating the best conditions for your child’s health by reinstating optimum humidity levels in the room and keeping cold and dry air at bay. Alongside a humidifier adds the required moisture to the air and generates favourable conditions for your child’s inhalation. This can help relieve nasal congestion and cough symptoms, thus letting your little one breathe and sleep with comfort.
  • Nurture your baby with nutritious food and absorb lots of liquids: Good amounts of fluid intake is advisable for kids as it facilitates flushing out toxins from the body. Also, we need to safeguard that our child’s immune system is well sustained. Hence parents must fill their diets with fresh fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin A, C, and omega fatty acids like carrots, oranges, seeds, and nuts. These being rich sources of anti-oxidants will help to restore the child’s immunity.
  • Consider breastfeeding your child: This is one of the best ways to guard your child’s well-being. As long as the infant is being breastfed, he or she will be getting your antibodies and your natural immunities. Babies on breastmilk generally have slighter symptoms when it comes to common ailments like cold, cough, and flu than formula-fed babies.
  • Use Face masks specifically intended for children: When you step out with your kids, ensure they wear a facemask with good filtration efficiency while keeping them protected against dust and contaminants. Also, opt for a mask made from breathable fabric that comes with adjustable earloops properly covering the child’s face.
  • Stay Inside: The most obvious solution to protect your little ones from smog and air pollution is to keep them indoors, especially on days when air quality is low.  Parents must limit the child’s exposure to outdoor activities during morning and evening times when smog levels are high.
  • Follow good hygienic at the house: Ensure everyone, particularly the kids, wash their hands and faces as soon as they step indoors.

Browse through the above-mentioned practical tips and keep your kids protected from the potential health effects of smog and air pollution.

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