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Eating more vegetables every day

Eating more vegetables every day

Regardless of whether you want to lose weight or eat healthier: vegetables should be on the menu every day. We’ll show you how to eat more greens

Whether it’s low carb, paleo, or clean eating: All forms of nutrition have one thing in common: vegetables are always allowed and often even form the basis. And for good reason, because vegetables are incredibly healthy.

The trouble is that vegetables are not as easy to get in everyday life as chips or pizza. Because of this, it is often difficult for many to get the required amount. We’ll show you how you can still do it very easily.

Why are vegetables so healthy and so important?

Vegetables are simply a culinary all-rounder. Regardless of the variety, it contains no fat, only a few carbohydrates and plenty of healthy “ballast”. Vegetables are among the best sources of fiber and keep your intestines healthy and digestion going. At the same time, a load of vegetables increases the volume and nutrient density of your food.

In other words: You can eat larger portions and at the same time consume plenty of healthy ingredients. Because vegetables contain a lot of essential (vital!) Vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

5 a day: Why 3 servings of vegetables and 2 servings of fruit?

You probably know the rule: The expert recommendation ” 5 a day ” has been around for over 20 years and it is still relevant. Background: Several hundred studies have now shown that the ingredients of fruit and vegetables – especially the so-called secondary plant substances – can help you to develop fewer cardiovascular diseases, dementia, strokes and even various types of cancer.

That is why 5 am Tag eV, Recommends eating three servings of vegetables and two servings of fruit every day. One serving corresponds to a normal handful.

Fruit is usually much easier to integrate into the daily menu, because apples, bananas & Co. are great snacks for on the go. You can also eat fruit in the morning together with muesli or yogurt, so two servings are no problem for many of you. It looks different with three servings of vegetables a day.

We’ll tell you how you can smuggle more vegetables into your diet easily and without complications.

How do I manage to eat more vegetables? 8 tips

Are you aware of the advantages of vegetable cooking, and yet you still don’t eat enough vegetables? Many know the problem. Some say it is so difficult to prepare, others say they don’t like it.

There are solutions and tricks for both problems. We’ll show you how to get more vegetables a day!

1. Eat vegetable soup more often!

Vegetables are perfect for conjuring up delicious soups or stews. You can either finely puree pumpkin, carrots, tomatoes & Co. or prepare a colorful vegetable soup from different varieties. Also delicious: a curry. It goes well with cauliflower, broccoli, bell pepper or zucchini. 

2. Try new vegetables!

Do you always only have broccoli as a side dish? Then think outside the box: There are so many delicious vegetables waiting in the supermarket and at the weekly market to be tried by you.

Zucchini in yellow or green, numerous types of pumpkin or mushrooms, all of which taste different, purple cauliflower and, and, and. If you’ve only eaten canned peas and carrots before, try out how they taste as fresh ingredients.

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